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Was Launched in 1920

There are a lot of bad bunny merch out there. Some products are just plain not funny, and some are downright offensive. Take, for example, the “Bad Bunny” T-shirt. On the front of the shirt is a crude drawing of a bunny with a giant erection. The back reads “I’m bad, I know it, and I love it!” This shirt is not only inappropriate but also sexist and homophobic.

Other products that fall into this category include the “Bad Bunny F*ck Me Pajamas” and the “Bad Bunny Mug.” The pajamas feature a picture of the bunny wearing nothing but pink buttocks on the front and the slogan “F*ck me in my sleep” on the back.

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Bad bunny merch is everywhere. From t-shirts to keychains, there are a lot of terrible products out there that are just not funny. Some products are downright offensive and inappropriate, and others simply seem like they were made without any thought or care.

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